Why You Should Ditch Chemical Drain Cleaners

Someone putting chemical drain cleaner down a drain with the text "why you should ditch chemical drain cleaners."

Drains are everywhere in your house. When even one of them stops working it can cause you a lot of hassle. While you might think of using a chemical drain cleaner to get it working again, there are a lot of reasons why that is a very bad idea. In this blog post, Bewley Plumbing […]

Six Ways to Unclog a Sink

clogged sink

Sinks are an important part of our daily lives. From brushing your teeth to doing the dishes to washing your hands, you probably spend more time at the sink than you realize. However, if your sink is clogged, the time you have to spend there can become unpleasant very quickly. Here are 6 ways to […]

Why Does My Shower Drain Smell?

A person standing over a shower drain with the words, "why does my shower drain smell?"

Showers are meant to be a place for getting clean under the stream of water as it relaxes your muscles. However, it can be difficult to feel clean and relaxed if there is a strong odor coming from your shower drain. Shower drains smell for two reasons: either biofilm has formed a clog or is […]