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If you are experiencing low water pressure in your household, then your trusted plumbing experts at Bewley Plumbing can help! We will fully assess your home’s water pressure and find the source of the issue. Once we know what and where the problem is, we will determine a course of action and repair your plumbing so that your home’s water pressure can help you get your daily tasks done and save your wallet.

There is nothing more disappointing than turning on your shower expecting a nice massaging stream of water only to find it feels like light rain tapping against your skin. Low water pressure is an annoying problem that not only makes showers miserable but can also make everyday activities difficult and force you to use more water. As a result, you end up with an aggravated household and a hefty water bill.

What Causes Low Water Pressure in a House?

There are many reasons why your home may be experiencing low water pressure. These issues can result in less pressure than you need to clean dishes, hands, or showers from faulty fixtures to leaking pipes.

Here is a quick overview of some common low-water pressure problems.

  • High Water Demand: Having multiple plumbing fixtures on at the same time can place a high demand on your water supply and lessen the pressure at which it comes out of the fixtures. 
  • Faulty Fixtures: Over time, fixtures can become faulty or clogged, restricting the flow of water and leading to a slow leak. Some of these repairs can be simple, such as replacing an aerator, but other times it requires a full replacement.
  • Broken Pressure Regulator: Water pressure regulators are used to stabilize the water pressure in your home, keeping it within a safe range (around 60 PSI). When the regulators break down, it can lead to too high or too low water pressure.
  • Closed Valves: Sometimes, a simple answer such as a closed water valve can be the culprit. Homes typically have two different valves and both of them need to be fully open to make the most out of your water pressure.
  • Clogged Pipes: Clogged pipes can restrict the flow of water to your fixtures and lead to disappointing little streams. Pipes should be cleaned out regularly to avoid this issue.
  • Leaking Pipes: Whether from corrosion or freeze damage, leaking pipes can reduce the amount of water that makes it to your fixtures. Leaking pipes can also result in a major increase in your water bill, damage to your walls and floors.

Water Pressure Testing

A plumber replacing a sink fixture.

Bewley’s Plumbing can help you test your water pressure to ensure that it is at the optimal reading of between 45-60 PSI. Investing in routine water pressure testing can help catch issues before they turn into catastrophic problems. Ask your trusted Bewley Plumbing plumber today about testing your water pressure as part of your routine plumbing maintenance.

Water Leak Detection and Repairs

The trusted professionals at Bewley Plumbing offer leak repair services. No matter where or how stubborn the leak is, Bewley’s Plumbing can help you find the source and either repair the leaking pipe or fixture or offer a replacement. Keeping leaks at bay will not only help save your wallet from hiked water bills and your home from water damage, but it can also ensure that your water pressure doesn’t fall too low.

Pressure Regulator Adjustments

When your pressure regulator is set too low or too high, it can lead to fluctuating water pressure in your pipes. Fluctuating water pressure can result in major problems such as your dishwasher or washing machine taking a long time to fill due to low water pressure or leaking or loose pipes due to too high pressure. Bewley Plumbing can help you adjust your pressure regulator to ensure that your water pressure is stable and doesn’t change rapidly.

Water Pressure Relief Valve on the Pressure Regulator

Like the other parts of your plumbing, your pressure relief valve will eventually wear down with age and use. These valves can experience issues such as gummed up with calcium deposits or scale or may need to have their O-ring washers replaced. 

Make sure to hire an experienced plumber when getting work done on our pressure regulator. Whether it is simple repairs or a full replacement, you want the job to be done right to prevent further damage from occurring.

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