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Sewer Static Testing Services in Denton and Collin County

When it comes to leaks, many homeowners think the problem lies within the pipes in their house. However, if pipes are not the culprit, it’s likely the sewer line. Most homeowners miss the sign of a leaking sewer line because they are buried deep underneath your yard. However, Bewley Plumbing is Denton and Collin County’s leading sewer leak expert. Our sewer static testing services can find hidden leaks within your sewer lines, even when a video inspection misses them. Here is more information on our sewer static testing services.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Hydrostatic pressure tests are performed on a home or commercial building’s sewer system to determine if there are any leaks throughout the sewer lines. This process involves dropping an inflatable test ball into the sewer line cleanout. The ball will then act as a plug for the main sewer line.

Next, our team will fill the sewer line up to the slab level with water and observe the water level for 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes the water is still at the same level, then there is no leak. However, if the water does not fill all the way to the slab level or continuously drops, that is a signal to our team that there is a leak within the sewer lines. We then can use a static leak isolation test to find the exact location of the leak.

Sewer Static Testing

Also known as the static leak isolation test, sewer static testing is designed to isolate the areas of the sewer where there is a leak. This test is always used in combination with the hydrostatic pressure test and often includes a video camera pipe inspection. Like the hydrostatic test, inflatable balls are inserted into the sewer system through the cleanouts, roof vents, and exposed toilet drains to block off an isolated section of the sewage line. Then this one area of the sewer line is filled with water.

A video camera is inserted inside to see if there are any areas where water is leaking out to assist in the placement of the inflatable balls and help our team map out the layout of your sewer lines. Once the leak has been found, we mark it on the map and get to work fixing the leak!

Signs of a Sewer Line Leak

While sewer line leaks are harder to spot since they are out of sight (and out of mind) for many homeowners and business owners, there are some telltale signs that you may need to call Bewley Plumbing. Here are the most common signs of a sewer line leak:

  1. Repeated Clog Drains: A buildup of minerals often clogs sewer lines, but if the problem occurs frequently and with multiple drains, this is a strong indicator of a sewer line leak.
  2. Soggy Spots in the Yard: Tree roots are a common cause of sewer line leaks and when this happens, you may notice wet spots popping up in your yard even when it hasn’t rained. 
  3. Bad Odors: If you have bad odors wafting from your bathroom and you can’t find the source, it might be your sewer line. Backups in your sewer line often result in sewer gases being pushed back up towards the drains. If the smell persists outside of your home in the yard, this is a strong indicator that it is a leak and not just a simple clog.

Denton and Collin County’s Leading Plumbing Experts

Don’t allow a leaking sewer line to ruin the sanctuary of your home or the productivity of your business. Instead, contact your trusted local plumbers at Bewley Plumbing to get your sewer static testing done today!. There is no clog too big or too small for our team to handle!

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