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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement Services in McKinney, TX

There is nothing worse than coming home and being greeted with the smell of burning sulfur or rotting eggs. Once you have ruled out a gas leak as a possible problem, the next biggest culprit would be your sewer. While sewer issues are never fun to deal with, there are resources available to help you solve these issues such as the trusted plumbers from Bewley Plumbing.

Our team works hard to serve residential and commercial clients with their plumbing needs. When it comes to your sewers, it is best to act quickly at the first sign of trouble so that you can save your home or business from serious damage. Here is more information about the warning signs of issues that your sewer line can face and how Bewley Plumbing can help!

What Are the Warning Signs That There Is a Problem With the Sewer Lines?

One of the best parts about sewers is that they do a great job of indicating when there may be a potential problem. Here are the warning signs that you should be keeping a lookout for:

1. Rotten Egg Odor

Bad odors wafting through your home is never a pleasant experience. If you smell burning sulfur, rotten eggs, a skunk smell, or even just the smell of backed-up sewage, this is a strong indication that there is a problem with your sewer lines.

This odor comes from the sewer gases in your drains backing up and being forced back into your home. While not as serious as a gas leak, this can lead to your home’s indoor air quality becoming toxic over time. Sewer gases may include hydrogen sulfide gas, which can be toxic to humans at low levels.

What Causes Foul Odors From My Sewage Line?

Foul odors from your sewage line can have a couple of different causes. One of the most common causes is a dried-out or broken seal in your sewage line, which is allowing the gases to leak back into your home. Another issue could be from a damaged rooftop vent stack. Whatever the case, you can trust that the team at Bewley Plumbing can find the source of the leak and solve the issue quickly.

2. Slow Drains

image of a pipe under a house

The last thing anyone wants is their sewer drain backing up into their home. This can be avoided most of the time by paying attention to the drain speed of your sewer lines.

If you notice that the speeds are beginning to slow down despite efforts to clear the drain, this can indicate a blockage forming deep inside. If the blockage is severe, then your sewage could be forced to come back through the drain and into your home.

What Causes a Slow Drain?

As we mentioned earlier, the most common cause of a slow drain is a blockage in the home’s main sewer line. You will need a trusted plumber who can use a pipe camera to inspect the drain and find the location of the blockage. This will help the plumber know exactly where to clear out the obstruction to get your sewer drains working good as new. 

However, sometimes the problem doesn’t lie within your home’s sewer line but the main municipal sewage line. If this is found to be the case, then the municipal water utility will need to be contacted so that they can repair the blockage.

3. The Drain Is Gurgling

If you notice that your toilet or other drains are making a gurgling sound after you flush or allow water to go down, this could be an indication of a sewer problem. If the gurgles in the toilet are followed by bubbles and then the smell of raw sewage, it is important you contact Bewley Plumbing right away.

What Causes Gurgling Sounds From My Toilet or Drain?

Gurgles are one of the first signs that there is a clog forming within the drain pipe. Thankfully, most clogs only occur within the affected drain where the gurgling can be heard. But sometimes, this isn’t the case. If the clog is within your main sewer line, then a camera inspection will need to be done to locate the source of the clog so that it can be removed.

4. Lush Lawn

Every Texas homeowner dreams of having a healthy and lush green yard. However, if your grass suddenly becomes very lush, or you notice that one patch of your grass seems to be doing better than the rest, this could be the sign of a sewer line break. If this is the case, you will often notice that the bushier grass creates a line that follows the sewer line from your yard to the street.

If the break is severe, the leaking sewage can also result in your lawn appearing wet or like a bog. 

What Causes a Lusher Lawn?

If your lawn is lush in just one area, then it is a strong possibility that you are on a sewer line that has ruptured or is leaking at a joint. When the green patch of grass makes a line from your yard to your street, this is a strong indicator that the whole line may be failing. Whether it is severe or even just a joint problem, the pipe should be removed and replaced.

Issues That Your Sewer Line Can Face

There are several different issues that can affect your sewer line. Here is a quick overview:

Close up of a plumber sticking a metal tool into an old sewage drain
  • Broken Pipes: Pipes can become cracked, punctured, or collapse due to shifts in the ground, the ground freezing and unfreezing, or when new construction settles.
  • Blockages: Often caused by grease, hair, or foreign objects such as jewelry or even children’s toys becoming stuck in the drain. This buildup can restrict or completely stop the flow of water which is needed to clean the sewer line.
  • Pipes Have Become Corroded: Over time, pipes can deteriorate or break down. This corrosion can lead to blockages in the line or leaks.
  • Bellied Pipes: Bellied pipes occur when a section of the pipe has sunk due to the ground or soil conditions worsening. This can lead to a valley inside of the pipe where debris and waste become caught and built up over time.
  • Leaking Joints: Leaking joints can occur when the pipes have decayed or become broken. This leads to water and sewage escaping, leading to lush green grass or, in severe cases, wet and boggy conditions.
  • Broken Pipes Due to Growing Tree Roots: Tree or shrub roots can invade sewer lines when they are growing too close to the line. This can lead to major clogs, leaks, or restrict normal sewer line cleaning maintenance services.
  • Off-Grade Pipes: If you live in an older area, you may have pipes that were made of substandard materials or materials that may be outdated. This can increase the chances of the pipes breaking down due to corrosion or increase the chances of severe blockages or total collapse.

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